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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#960 Me Vs These Two


  • you keep talking endlessly. Which most of the times cause people around you annoyed.
  • you don't eat healthy balanced food. 
  • you talk back at me all the time.
  • you hit your little sister often
  • you ignore all the dos and don'ts
  • you are addicted to #613
  • you keep begging to let you watch ABC in youtube.
  • you keep asking for Nash Donut and Aunty Anne's Pretzel.
  • you refuse to read and write in this school holiday.
  • you have to be pushed to drink plain water.
  • you like to eat and drink at the forbidden area.
  • you love to splish splash, playing water for no reason which always result spanking and yelling.
  • you sleep with mickey every nights and kiss it before sleep. Drama.
  • you can tear Cloud 9 wrapper now.
  • you were caught red handed sneaking and munching my crunchy fried shallots. Sebotol tinggal sket je tau!


  • you are getting naughtier from time to time.
  • you make funny sounds (gun shooting, cat meowing, car crash, car racing, wow-mazing) and moves which tickles me deadly.
  • you don't eat much, just playing and messing with your food. 
  • you love to spill drinks and liquid all around the house. 
  • you climb and fell everyday. Buah-buah atah bukik. Budok buah buleh nyakik!
  • you 'read' a book intensely and made funny noises.
  • you sleep once only in day time. Letih la!
  • you sleep really late at night and wake up later in the morning.
  • you are eager to know and see and watch what people are doing.
  • you love our neighbour's cat very much. Cik Aida buleh kasi prezen sekor kat dia?
  • you are so strong. You like to push people. Especially your mommy yang kurus kering ni.
  • you like to walk barefoot at the porch.
  • you like to waters my plants. Sambil-sambil la kan?!
  • you love Hi-5 and Upin Ipin, hearing to the songs can pulls you static.
  • you always stand on a chair or stool. And made stunts out of yourself and fell. And you did it again.
  • you are growing so fast. No dress fits you well. Demok.
  • you don't mind getting bullied by your brother and still loves him.
  • you pretend my breastpump as a stethoscope and play it well. Cute! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahahahhahahaha so cute! u make me miss them so very much! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa